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Atlantic Chapter Fall/Winter Newsletter now available!

Welcome to the Atlantic Chapter of the Canadian Land Reclamation Association. Initiated in 2001, we represent all four Atlantic Provinces with members from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick and participation from Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador.  

Our members and participants represent mining, emergent oil and gas interests, transportation, development and construction interests, ecological restoration organizations, First Nations, regulators, academia and students from local universities and community colleges as well as a wide variety of consulting firms and contractors. We actively include student participation from all post-secondary institutions with either an interest in reclamation or as a tool to expose students to reclamation, habitat restoration, environmental policies and issues and the lively discussions that ensue between the various interests involved in reclamation projects.

Part of our ongoing initiative to exchange information and expand our knowledge is to provide an annual conference that rotates around the region and highlights reclamation project or issues in the hosting area. The conference series, referred to as ARC, the Atlantic Reclamation Conference, was initiated in 2008. The Atlantic Chapter also grants scholarships to deserving students who participate in these conferences.

We welcome new members from all sectors with an interest in sharing knowledge, networking and celebrating successes in reclamation projects.

Visit the Atlantic Chapter web site.

Board of Directors

President: Frank Potter
Vice President:  Diane Praught
Past President: Michele Coleman
Secretary-Treasurer: Leah McConney


Linwood Dunham

Bob Pett

Marc Skinner

Rhett Thompson

Abby van der Jagt





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