Who we are and what we do

The Canadian Land Reclamation Association/Association canadienne de réhabilitation des sites dégradés (CLRA/ACRSD) is a non-profit organization that was incorporated in 1975. The Association encourages personal and corporate involvement where reclamation or rehabilitation of disturbed lands is planned or implemented.

Its members meet annually for technical discussion, information exchange and personal interaction. Local activities occur in Alberta, Atlantic Canada, British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec where there are active provincial chapters.

The CLRA/ACRSD provides its members with up-to-date technical information through the publication of its newsletters, the magazine Canadian Reclamation and proceedings of its annual conferences. These publications allow the organization to have an informal, instructional role in the decision-making processes of reclamation/rehabilitation projects and to act as a forum for the dissemination of ideas and information pertinent to reclamation activities.


Membership in the CLRA/ACRSD is available to anyone interested in or actively engaged in reclamation activities. The Association draws members from a wide range of industries, universities, consulting companies and government departments. The personal skills and interests of members are diverse and include agriculture, botany, plant ecology, forestry, wildlife biology, soil science, bioscience, landscape architecture, land use planning, civil and mine engineering, construction and reclamation. Except for honorary Life Memberships, all memberships in the CLRA/ACRSD are for one calendar year.


The Association is governed by an elected Board of Directors that represents most geographic areas of the country. It holds conference call meetings three or four times per year and meets with as many directors as are able to attend at the annual meeting.

If you or your company are involved with or interested in reclamation of land or watercourses, environmental guidelines and/or enforcement, decommissioning, research (products, methods or equipment), or education, consider becoming a member of Canada's only national association concerned solely with reclamation. Contact us through this web site and we will send you additional information, including membership information. If you prefer to contact us by mail, our mailing address is:

c/o ManageWise, Inc.
#202, 5405 99 St
Edmonton, Alberta T6E 3N8
Phone: 780-437-0044



Providing leadership to advance the practice of reclamation and remediation of environmentally disturbed lands and waterways. CLRA/ACRSD is the leading Canadian organization in the field of land reclamation and remediation. It seeks to advance professional development and effective regulation in the field through partnerships, information exchange, and promotion of public understanding of the potential and practice of land reclamation.


CLRA/ACRSD fosters the planning, science, management, and promotion of land and waterway reclamation and remediation by facilitating information exchange among land reclamation practitioners within government, industry, academia, and the public.  CLRA/ACRSD advances land reclamation and remediation excellence, and improves the environment by:

  • Serving as the national leader for land and waterway reclamation and remediation;
  • Sustaining a strong network of chapters;
  • Monitoring, reviewing, and documenting reclamation and remediation standards;
  • Supporting education and development in professional land reclamation and remediation;
  • Delivering high-quality products, publications, and services relevant to the land reclamation profession;
  • Developing strategic alliances to advance the understanding of land reclamation and remediation.


CLRA/ACRSD values:

  • The open exchange of information among its members and the public to promote an understanding of land and waterway reclamation and remediation;
  • Professionalism in the field of land and waterway reclamation;
  • Strategic partnerships with other organizations interested in land and waterway reclamation;
  • The development of a strong network of chapters across Canada;
  • Support for existing educational programs in land reclamation and related fields and encouragement for the formation of new programs as needed across Canada.
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