Linda Jones Memorial Award

Award Recipients

2016 - Marie-Ève Marin


The award honours Linda Jones, for significant service to the Canadian Land Reclamation Association / Association Canadienne de Réhabilitation des Sites Dégradés (CLRA/ACRSD) as secretary treasurer for over twenty years. Linda was specifically interested in promoting student participation in CLRA events and membership in CLRA.

Two awards are presented annually to students in a reclamation related program at a Canadian institution in recognition of excellence in academic studies which advance the theory, knowledge or practice of land reclamation. One award will be for a poster presentation and one for an oral presentation. Each award will be for $1000 and a one year membership in the CLRA.

The competition for the awards is held in conjunction with the CLRA/ACRSD Annual Meeting.


  • Students must be in a land reclamation related program, including but not limited to agriculture, biology, botany, environmental science, environmental studies, engineering, forestry, geography, land reclamation, landscape architecture, mining, plant science, soil science at a post secondary Canadian educational institution.
  • Students may be in an undergraduate program, or a graduate program (MSc, PhD).
  • The recipients must accept the award in person at the CLRA/ACRSD Annual Meeting for the year in which the award is presented.

Application Procedures

  • Each student must apply to participate in the poster and oral presentation competitions by sending an application form to the chair of the CLRA Awards Committee.
  • Students and their supervisors or instructors must sign the application form indicating all information on the application is correct.
  • In fairness to all participants, applications must be complete, conform to a specific format and be received by the application deadline.
  • The application must be prepared according to the format presented in the following section and emailed to the CLRA/ACRSD Awards Committee Chair at least six weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting. The deadline for nominations will be posted each year on the CLRA/ACRSD website as soon as the date of the annual meeting has been set.

Selection of Award Recipients

The Linda Jones Award Committee consists of a chair (Awards Committee Chair of the CLRA/ACRSD, currently Kevin Hunsche) and a minimum of three judges.

2017 Deadline: May 1st

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