Current Employment Postings

Employment postings are listed here as received. The CLRA/ACRDS offer this service to our profession, but takes no responsibility for the content of the postings. We are not able to answer questions about employment opportunity postings. If you require information, please use the contact(s) listed within the posting.

   Soil Handling Monitors (Paragon Soil & Environmental Consulting)  

Paragon Soil provides conservation and reclamation planning and monitoring services to many major pipeline projects, throughout our beautiful country. Soil handling monitors are responsible for supporting client reclamation programs, including soil salvage, soil placement, reclamation monitoring and compliance with  regulatory commitments. Successful candidates will gain a thorough understanding of the pipeline regulatory environment and industrial operations, in addition to contributing to the successful reclamation of major industrial projects. These positions are predominantly field-based, and include shift-work of various durations. For you to enjoy this work and be successful, you must naturally have a positive nature, be flexible, quietly confident, like to work outdoors in all conditions and thrive when working independently within a project team environment. You understand that asking for advice or clarification is not a sign of weakness. You believe that nothing is more important than working safely and protecting those around you. If you can’t bear the thought of missing some prime camping weekends and/or will struggle to find dog/cat/bird-sitting, this job is not for you. The construction season is busy, but there are usually ample opportunities to travel or simply relax once the snow flies.


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