Current Employment Postings

Employment postings are listed here as received. The CLRA/ACRDS offer this service to our profession, but takes no responsibility for the content of the postings. We are not able to answer questions about employment opportunity postings. If you require information, please use the contact(s) listed within the posting.

  • Wildlife Specialist (Summit Liability Solutions Inc.)
  • We are seeking highly motivated and experienced individuals to join the Environmental Assessment Services (EAS) Division as full-time permanent and contract Wildlife Specialists (Competition #17-04-0153) in Alberta and Saskatchewan. These...
    Posted on Apr 27, 2017    DETAILS > 

  • Intermediate Biologist (Summit Liability Solutions Inc.)
  • We are seeking a highly motivated and experienced individual to join the Environmental Assessment Services (EAS) Division as an Intermediate Biologist (Competition #17-04-0155) in Alberta. This position is permanent full-time and will require...
    Posted on Apr 27, 2017    DETAILS > 

  • Sales Person (HenDen Earth Stabilization Inc.)
  • HenDen Earth Stabilization Inc. is seeking for a sales person to promote its products designed and produced for specialized reclamation and restoration works. We also produce specialty soils for Low Impact Development (LID) and Best Management...
    Posted on Apr 3, 2017    DETAILS > 

  • Senior Technical Advisor (SWAT Consulting Inc.)
  • SWAT Consulting Inc. is currently seeking a Senior Technical Advisor for our Western Canadian Division. The qualified candidate will be based in Alberta, Canada. This full-time position requires the candidate to provide oversight, guidance...
    Posted on Mar 9, 2017    DETAILS > 

  • Technical Support Team Lead (CPP Environmental Corp.)
  • CPP Environmental is currently seeking a Technical Support Team Lead to join our team of professionals.

    CPP Environmental provides environmental consulting services for the Alberta market, specializing in land and natural...
    Posted on Jan 20, 2017    DETAILS > 


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